SweetNight Mattresses Review 2021

Investing in a high-quality mattress is a good decision to make for your health. As we grow older, we are prone to back pains, body aches, sleepless nights, frozen shoulder, and many more. While there are many agents to these problems, one of the main culprits is the quality of your mattress. Do you ever realize that your sleep is soundly in hotels than in your room? Yes, the answer is always because they’re invested in high-quality mattresses.

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There are many high-quality mattresses in the market which can also let you experience the “Hotel experience”. One of them is the brand SweetNight. From the name itself, it can give you a “sweet night” and a “sweet dream”.

SweetNight mattresses are created by a company with a team dedicated to research and innovation so they can only give the best products for their customers at a reasonable price. Their mattresses are given a 10-year warranty and 100-days sleep trial so you can choose the best mattress for your health.

Breeze mattress is infused with cooling gel memory foam that can make sleepers comfortable especially during hot days. This is also ideal for children who can easily sweat in bed and are sensitive to chemicals because it is covered with rayon cotton which is hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. Below is the comparison of each thickness and size to see which one is suitable for you because thickness levels affect the quality of your sleep.

SweetNight Mattress Breeze 8 Inch

This mattress can effectively support lightweight to medium-weight bodies.

39″ x 74″ (Twin size)

  • ideal for a single sleeper, or toddlers with a small bed space
  • regular price is $288

54″ x 74″ (Full size)

  • 15 inches wider than a twin size which can fit in two sleepers
  • regular price is $348

60″ x 80″ (Queen size)

  • 21 inches wider and 6 inches longer than a twin size
  • ideal for two persons who want to have adequate space
  • regular price is $398

SweetNight Mattress Breeze 10-inch

Breeze 10-inch has two more layers of foam for adequate cushion and support. This is also ideal for sleepers with medium to a semi-heavy body built.

54″ x 74″ (Full size)

  • can fit in two sleepers
  • regular price is $438.

60″ x 80″ (Queen size)

  • ideal for two sleepers
  • regular price is $478

76″ x 80″ (King size)

  • three sleepers can fit in
  • regular price is $588

SweetNight Mattress Breeze 12-inch

The thickness level of this mattress can support lightweight to heavyweight bodies and different sleeping positions.

54″ x 74″ (Full size)

  • can fit in two sleepers
  • regular price is $488

60″ x 80″ (Queen size)

  • ideal for two sleepers
  • regular price is $568

76″ x 80″ (King size)

  • three sleepers can fit in
  • regular price is $698


SweetNight Breeze Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress a starter mattress for a single person or a family who wants to cool down the body while sleeping comfortably. The prices for each thickness and size are reasonably priced because of the benefits you can get.

If you are lightweight, you may want to consider the 8-inch thickness because it has the lowest price. However, if you want investment and you are investing in your health and sleep, you may want to choose the 10 to 12-inch thickness because they give better body support than the 8-inch.

If you sleep in different positions, you may also opt to purchase the Queen size or King size for adequate space and so you can stretch your body in whatever position you like.

Generally, however thick or wide of the SweetNight Breeze mattress you want to choose, remember the brand offers a 100-days sleep trial. Having said that, you can thoroughly select the perfect size for you within these trial days.


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