Saatva Youth Mattress – The Best Mattress For Growing Youth

A mattress has a pivotal role in the physical and mental development of kids. Having good sleep can avoid behavioral problems, obesity, and poor concentration. Therefore, choosing the right mattress is necessary for their growth and mental health.

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There are many sleep specialist brands to choose from, but some may not consider growing kids. In choosing the right mattress, you may compare mattresses or consider the following factors:

  • Mid-level firmness
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • Infused with a cooling agent
  • Hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial
  • Specifically designed for growing kids

The Saatva brand offers Saatva Youth Mattress that you may find the best mattress for growing youth because they designed it specifically for growing kids ages 3 to 12 years old and passed the criteria above. 

The brand used non-toxic materials and CertiPUR-US certified foams which mean its foams are safe for kids and the environment. It is also sweat-resistant, does not usually get dirty, and can be cleaned easily. Its firmness level is in the medium, a perfect firmness level for growing kids because it supports their fragile spine and pressure points. 

Saatva Youth Mattress Features

The Saatva Youth Mattress for 3-7 years old is consists of:

  • Organic cotton cover
  • 5-zone support layer
  • Dual-sided coil unit

The Saatva Youth Mattress for 8-12 years old is consists of:

  • Organic cotton cover
  • High-density comfort foam
  • Lumbar zone support

Saatva Youth Mattress Sizes

38″ x 75″ x 10″ (Twin size)

  • Ideal for a single sleeper
  • Ideal for growing kids who want to be alone in bed
  • The regular price is $699

38″ x 80″ x 10″ (Twin XL) 

  • 5 inches wider than a twin size
  • Ideal for two sleepers
  • The regular price is $799

53″ x 75″ x 10″ (Full size)

  • 15 inches wider than the twin size 
  • Ideal for two grown sleepers
  • The regular price is $899


As adults, we are very particular in choosing a mattress because our bodies are tense, aches, and pressured throughout the day with all the activities we have. Therefore we need something that can help us recuperate and relax while sleeping or resting. That is why we tend to invest in a high-quality and therapeutic mattress. While we consider this, do we also think that our growing kids need the same? 

Saatva considers that developing kids are more fragile and created the Youthful Mattress. For instance, Saatva infused the mattress with a 5-zone support layer- a firm foam that helps maintain proper spinal alignment for kids 3-7 years old. While the high-density comfort foam promotes sweat-free and comfortable sleep for kids 8-12 years old.

The dual-side of Youth Mattress is also vital in the design. The other end of it (3-7 years old) are recycled steel coils durable enough to support growing bodies. The other side of the Youth Mattress for 8-12 years old is the patented spinal zone technology which maintains proper spinal alignment for older kids. These considerations are highly-recommendable because we wanted our kids to grow in good posture. 

Overall, Saatva Youth Mattress is a good investment for your kid’s body and mental development.


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