Pandemic Anxiety: How a Good Quality Mattress Can Ease the Stress

COVID-19 pandemic has experienced many things – both good and bad. If you agree, the most beautiful thing about this pandemic is probably the chance to be with our loved ones while locked down. However, the worst experience is getting anxiety because we can’t be normal, there is a scare to be infected, and most of us lose our jobs.

Anxiety is the biggest threat our mental health is facing today. Although it is natural to feel it, we also need to cope up with it. Things such as breathing exercise, stretches, eating healthy food, and making new hobbies (planting, sewing, reading, etc) may reduce this feeling.

Aside from the abovementioned ways, adequate sleep can also reduce anxiety. According to Sleep Foundation, anxiety is frequently connected to sleeping problems. Therefore, if you deprive yourself of good sleep you will worsen your anxiety. So, what can help you get better sleep?

A good quality mattress can give you better sleep, therefore, can also ease your stress. Below are the reasons why it can help you relax especially these uncertain times:

Some Have Memory Foam

A good quality mattress has soft memory foam. It cradles and forms according to the shape of your body, thus you will not feel any pressure. The pressure that we experience due to bad quality mattresses results in body aches and stiff necks. With memory foam, these experiences will not happen anymore.

Some Have Cooling Memory Foam

Aside from the memory foam, some manufacturers add cooling agents to make sleep more comfortable. Some people are called “hot sleepers” because their bodies are hot even while sleeping. To help them, they infused cooling materials, such as gel, in the memory foam to absorb body heat and sweat. Cooler temperatures can help people sleep faster and wake up feeling fresh in the morning.

For normal bodies, this technology is a sweet treat.

Thick Mattresses Have Better Support

If you notice, we sleep better in hotel rooms. This is because, aside from the amenities and quietness of the room, the hotel beds are thick. Their standard thickness is 12 inches above. When a mattress is this thick, it is capable of giving so much support even under heavy body pressure.

A body that is not pressured when sleeping gets to hibernate fast.

It Can Isolate Movement

One of the problems with a bad quality mattress is interrupted sleep because someone gets up. This is a huge problem especially for people with anxiety because it is hard for them to go bad to sleep once they wake up.

A good quality mattress has movement isolation technology that allows you to sleep continuously even when someone gets up. You will not feel any movement from the other side.

It Can Help Your Body Relax

Healthy Sleep. Woman Sleeping On White Bedding, WIth Soft Pillow, Mattress With Blanket. High Resolution.

According to Cleveland Clinic, stress can cause pain, tightness, or soreness in your muscles. This is too familiar for people suffering from anxiety and stress. As a result, they experience headaches, back and shoulder pains, etc.

A good quality mattress may help ease these tenses in their body by allowing it to sink in and feel no pressure while lying. The memory foam may also help calm down the body and mind. It keeps the body temperature down and relaxes the mind.


Anxiety is immense in this time of the pandemic. Some people who do not have anxiety are suddenly experiencing it, while those who already have may have gotten worse.

A good quality mattress can ease the stress. For instance, we can get better sleep in a hotel room because the bed is comfortable and relieves body pressure. It is also the same when we have a good one at home. We can fall asleep fast and sleep longer.

Why can we sleep fast and longer with a good quality mattress? It has a memory foam which is a layer that relieves body pressure. Some mattresses have cooling agents or technologies that make body temperature cool down. Cooler temperature also relaxes the mind and when it is relaxed, the body goes the same.

Furthermore, a good quality mattress is thicker. A bed that is thicker and provides better body support due to its firmness and sturdiness. A person may no longer feel the mattress but the comfort it gives. It also has movement isolation that a sleeper can no longer feel if someone gets up in bed.

All these features of a good quality mattress can provide better sleep. According to studies, better and continuous sleep can combat anxiety. Therefore, it may be a good idea to have a good quality mattress especially this time of the pandemic.


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