How To Take Care Of Your Mattress

Although most mattresses come with a warranty, there are still things that are not under it. Some brands void the warranty for the following reasons:

  • Removing the law tag
  • Food or drink spills
  • Liquid damage and irremovable stains
  • Improper support like non-matching box spring or putting your mattress on the floor
  • Uneven sagging due to failure of flipping the mattress to the other side
  • The mattress is sold to another person

If a mattress comes with a 5-year warranty, it can seemingly last for almost 5 years. If it comes with a 10-year warranty, it can seemingly last not more than 10 years. However, you can prolong your mattress even after the warranty by taking care of it.

7 Tips To Taking Care Of Your Mattress

1. Use the proper support

Not following the recommended type of support for your mattress by the manufacturer makes its life span shorter. You are damaging it without your knowledge. There are many types of support according to the mattress type, but the most typical ones for high-quality mattresses are box spring and platform bed frames.

2. Do not drink or eat on your bed

Some mattresses are spillproof, but you may not want to compromise the sanitation of your mattress by bringing food on it. Not that it attracts insects, but it also attracts molds and fungi that are harmful to you and the mattress. Remember that there will be a time when your mattress will be vulnerable to liquids because it gets old and used.

3. Rotate Your Mattress

There is a manual when purchasing a mattress. Make sure to read the instructions on how to take care of your mattress. Some mattresses need to be flipped over every three months, while there are mattresses that don’t need it because they have specific layers which keep them in form and firm. As mentioned, rotating keeps your mattress in good shape and quality.

4. Vacuum clean your mattress

Use a vacuum to clean the surface and sides of your mattress so that dust, dust mites, and unwanted elements will not thrive inside and outside of it. Make a habit of cleaning it once a month if it gets easily dirty, or quarterly if you want to.

5. Soak your mattress under the sun for at least two hours

The heat of the sun is a natural antibacterial. Bacterias can grow over time because of sweat from our bodies and the humidity of the bedroom. When it starts smelling, it means bacterias and molds are thriving. If you can’t soak it directly under the sun, you may drag it near a window where there is sunlight.

Do not place your mattress near dark and humid areas because it will surely attract molds and bacterias. Molds and termites destroy the inner layers of mattresses.

6. Clean your mattress with antibacterial spray

There are market-available antibacterial sprays you can use to clean your mattress, but you can also use natural solutions such as baking soda and lemon. Whatever cleaning solution you may want to use, the point is you have to clean your mattress regularly.

7. Don’t jump on your bed

Kids have the tendency to jump on the mattress, but you still have to warn them about how jumping affects the firmness and durability of the mattress. Although high-quality are made to withstand weight, they are made for sleeping not playing.


A mattress may last longer even after its stated warranty if you will take care of it properly. It’s an expensive investment that is worth your money. Although high-quality is crafted to have a longer life span, any materials not taken care of properly can still break and damage. Therefore, clean, rotate and give it a dose of sunlight.


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