Advantages and Disadvantages of a Memory Pillow

Sleeping without a pillow may be unsafe. According to history, pillows have been around since early Mesopotamia or early 7000 BCE. The first pillow was called a “stone pillow” and was generally used to keep the insects and bugs away from the ears of wealthier people while sleeping.

Today, pillows are used to comfort the head and neck while sleeping. Without them, your neck will not be aligned to your spine, thus, losing its natural curve. As time goes by, different types of pillows are invented to cater to every person’s needs. Some are flat, while others are fluffy.

Early people used materials such as straws, reeds, cotton, and feathers to make them. Nowadays, these materials are gradually being replaced with more malleable and long-lasting ones such as latex and memory foam. However, between the two, memory foam is the popular one.

Advantages Of a Memory Pillow

Many people swear to the benefits they get from using a memory pillow. It is made with memory foam – a foam that was developed by NASA to improve sleeping conditions in the shuttle. This type of foam can change shape according to the under-pressure it gets. It brings back to its original shape when the pressure is gone.

Having said that, there are many advantages in using a memory pillow and below are some:

1. It helps in spinal alignment.

When we are sleeping, our neck is not aligned to our spinal cord. Hard pillows can make it stiff. A flat pillow can misalign our spinal’s natural curve, while a softer one may also result in the same. With a memory pillow, your neck can be safe from any of these problems because it conforms to the shape of your head and neck. When your neck feels unpressured, your body relaxes and your spinal cord shapes to its natural form.

2. A memory pillow follows whatever sleeping position you make.

A memory pillow is heat reactive. Once it receives the heat of your body, it transforms its shape according to yours. Therefore, whatever sleeping positions you’re making, it will just follow.

3. You can sleep better without body aches.

Body ache is a sign that your neck and back are pressured while sleeping. One of the causes of this problem is a bad pillow. A bad can be either too stiff or too soft.

A memory pillow has the right firmness that slowly sinks your head. Again, it creates no pressure that may result in better and uninterrupted sleep.

4. A memory pillow is dust mite-free.

Dust mites, bacterias, and molds may not thrive in memory foam because it is a synthetic material. It is resistant to these organisms, however, may still grow if the pillow is spilled with organic matters such as grease and soil.

5. It is durable and worth the money.

A memory pillow can be used for a very long time. Unlike traditional pillows which flattens as time goes by, it just goes back to its original shape every after use. Truly, it is a health investment because of its durability.

6. Disadvantages of a Memory Pillow.

However advantageous a memory pillow is, it still has some disadvantages like the following:

7. It is not recommended for hot sleepers.

Since a memory pillow is hot reactive, it can be suffocating to hot sleepers. It can make them feel even hotter as their heads sink in.

8. It may retain body heat.

Unless a memory pillow is infused with cooling agents, it may retain body heat which can make a sleeper uncomfortable especially during summer.

9. A new memory pillow can produce a chemical smell.

A new memory pillow may produce a chemical smell called off-gassing. This may risk your respiratory health when inhaled. To avoid this, you may want to leave it for 24 hours before using it.


Memory pillows are very popular today because of the advantages they can give to a sleeper such as aligning the spinal cord while sleeping and better sleep. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit body types and sleeping positions. They are also durable making them worth the money. However, they may not be suitable for hot sleepers because they retain body heat which can make them sleep more uncomfortably.


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